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Good afternoon families!!

Welcome to babies two♥

Today we welcomed Indiana, Olive, Austin, Oskar, Chester, Asher and Roman this morning. We started our day exploring indoor experiences as usual. Chester enjoyed bunch of experiences such as stacking rings with Indiana, reading a sensory book and enjoy touching the sensory parts of the pages, play in the home corner that he was pretending like cooking. Chester shared the books with Olive and they both enjoyed going through the pages finding sensory parts. Olive would point at the animals saying their names and Chester would repeat the words after Olive such as ‘’Duck, Bird, Koala, Puppy dog’’. Indiana loves the dolls and she loves to sit on the chair that we have for the dolls. Roman settled in the room verry well today even though he was away for a while. Roman approached his friends confidently and engaged with them. For morning tea, we enjoyed Scrumptious bananarama split

For the group time babies three friends joined with us with the dancing teacher. The dancing teacher brought us bunch of songs and a parachute to engage with a new experience. She invited everyone to sit on the parachute to go on a parachute ride. As there were many children we divided them into group to make sure everyone get a chance. Thanks for wearing red for the ‘’red Nose Day’’ and donating gold coins. For the red nose day we set up the table with two trays, one with red colour blocks, pom poms, paddle pops, puzzle pieces and a turtle. And the other tray with red colour paint. We let the children to choose anything from the first tray to use it as a paint brush. Then we encouraged them to dip them in the paint and do their own creative painting. Olive and Chester used the red blocks. Oskar, Asher and Indiana used the pom poms and Roman chose the paddle pops. And Austin chose the turtle. Then the children explored the red sensory tray and enjoyed playing with different red colour resources such as Shredded papers, magnifying glass, blocks, cars, trains, veggies and ribbons

Outside children explored experiences such as playing in the sand pit, Pushing the cars, trucks, prams and wheelbarrows, dig the sand pit, Climbing, Walking on the balancing bridge and carry the soft blocks from one place to another. For lunch we enjoyed Friday toast it up meal. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying Chocolate topped rice and sunflower slice

For the one-on-one time, we engaged with Austin, Asher and Roman to support them to settle in the room. For this we provided them lots of resources to choose as their interest. The resources we provided were soft toys, sensory books, musical instruments, puzzle and soft blocks.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane♥