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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two.. It has been such a beautiful Friday in babies two. This morning we welcomed Bella, Olive, Nash, Daris, Oskar and Austin. We decided to spend some time in babies one yard until all our friends arrive. Children loved being outside this morning as the weather was so nice and of course they absolutely loved engaging with obstacle courses such as climbing on the wooden frames, walking on the balancing bridge and crawling under the tunnels. Then all we headed to our room and washed our hands to get ready for the morning tea. Then we sat at the table nicely and had a big drink as we had such a busy play this morning.

After morning tea, Children explored the indoor experiences with Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess. Nash was so busy crawling around the room and play with his favourite toys such as musical instruments, Soft blocks and balls. Austin and Nash both enjoyed looking at the mirrors and smile at each other. Olive and Bella sat with Austin to offer some soft blocks and little mirrors to play with. Daris and Oskar pushed the trains on the train tracks while others sitting on the mat saying ‘’wrooom wrooom’’.

Then we set up a jelly play with blue jelly and paper boats outside on a tray. Miss.Hansani made some boats with different colours of papers to play with.The idea was creating the sea with boats for the transport week and it became a perfect sensory play to develop and demonstrate our fine motor and sensory skills. Oskar and Nash were very curious to taste it while Bella, Daris, Olive and Austin rub the jelly on their hands and squeeze them. They Loved touching the texture and feel the stickiness and cold of the jelly.

Then we engaged with a beautiful free painting experience outside. We offered children with white papers, different colours and paint brushes. Olive, Oskar, Nash, Daris, Austin and Bella enjoyed choosing their favourite colours and run the paintbrush all over the white paper freely.

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess