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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two… it has been such a beautiful Friday… today we welcomed Parker, Olive, Bella, Daris, Austin, Oskar and Nash this morning… We waited our friends to arrive, washed our hands after changing nappies and enjoyed yummy morning tea. After filling up our tummies we got cleaned up put some sunscreen and hats on to go outside. Parker was so excited and kept following Miss.Hansani saying ‘’Hat, Hat’’. Daris and Olive extremely loved the dinosaur and donkey see-saw. They rocked on them laughing at each other. Parker, Bella and Nash enjoyed walking on the balancing bridge and climb on the wooden frame. Austin and Nash enjoyed looking around the yard and watch our toddler friends play in their yard.

Then it was time head to the bottom building for the puppet show… We all put our hats and shoes on before we go there. Then all the children followed Miss. Hansani and Miss.Tatiyane to the bottom building. All our babies were very curious as some of them have never walked down there. So, we went through the play yard to make sure everyone’s safety. It was so nice to see all our friends from down the bottom building. We sat down and waited to start the puppet show. Everyone was very curious to see what was going to happen. Then the puppet show begun with beautiful and colourful puppets. The puppets had a really nice conversation with the kids about recognising some animals.  Then we danced with them and clapped for few different songs. It was so much fun…

We will be doing some more outdoor experiences to engage with some challenging experiences and develop our gross motor, fine motor and balancing skills. As we still celebrating the nature week, we encourage children to explore and observe the outdoor space more and more…I really apologise for not uploading enough photos today as It has been a really busy day.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss. Tatiyane..

Have a great weekend….