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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Jin welcomed Indiana, Austin, Tommy, Roman and Asher lots of cuddles. We spent such a beautiful time exploring indoor experiences together. Everyone was so settled in the room and every child enjoyed their day exploring both indoor and outdoor experiences. Inside, Tommy was so excited to show his balancing skills by sitting on the mat like a big boy. His one of the favourite books is ‘’Farm pals’’ as he enjoys touching the soft fluffy pages and feel the sensory parts of the book. Roman loved to engage with the flower shape puzzle and then play with the trucks and cars on the transport mat. Asher joined with Roman to play with the trucks and cars and then they decided to engage with stacking the rings on the green mat. Asher found the rings and shared with Roman and they had turns to stack the rings one by one. Indiana loved playing with the farm animals and the dinosaurs in the jungle set up with Austin. They put the dinosaurs in front of the mirror to see the reflection. Indiana has been using lot of words to communicate with educators recently. She shows an interest of practicing new words during the story time. Roman and Asher have been showing their interest on climbing inside so we decided to engage with some challenging experiences outside after. For morning tea, Children enjoyed mango tango coconut granola

Today Funky feet arrived to do the Friday dancing. Miss Jen had a plan to do some dancing related to Halloween. So, she played ‘’the bones’’ song and encouraged children to follow her steps. That was such a great idea to practice our body parts. Roman, Asher and Indiana enjoyed the group time dancing, clapping and giggling around.

When the sun came out, we thought it would be really nice to explore some outdoor experiences before the lunch time. We set up the yard with obstacle courses. Outside, Indiana and Asher did not hesitate to climb onto to top of the climbing frame.  Austin and Roman had so much fun walking on the balancing beam without getting stuck their feet in the little space were located at the end of every block.  Then Miss Hansani sat with the children to read a story. We read a story called ‘’that’s not my chicken’’. Indiana and Asher absolutely loved listening to the story and touch and feel the sensory parts of the book at the end. For lunch, we enjoyed a delicious Mexican bawl. For afternoon tea, we will be enjoying pumpkin, chia and oatmeal bars

For one-on-one time, Tommy was encouraged to hold the spoon during the lunch time and then encouraged him with crawling by putting some colourful soft blocks in front of him. As Austin has started saying some words Miss Hansani and Austin had a little chat to encourage him to practice some simole words such as hi, bye, Ta, ball and banana.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jin!