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Jingeri families,

As we sang our good morning songs and greeted each other by name to begin our day, we reflected on the wonderful fact that it is Friday today and it is December. Just feels good to think about it. Our phenomenal team of builders have braved the savage heat of the day to add more layers of marvel to the new play space outside. They have even rolled out our brand new front yard turf and begun assembling our fences. Not long now until we have a spectacular outdoor learning activity area just for babies. The anticipation is delicious!

As for the babies themselves, amazing as always. Each of them is settling into their new room well, and adjusting to each other’s routines and personalities. There has been a lot of focus on group cohesion this week, so today we take the opportunity to focus on nurturing their individual sense of Identity. This relates to to each child’s personal self-identity, as well as their ability to interact with others with empathy. It is central to early childcare to ensure each child feels safe, secure and supported in order for them to develop independence.

Today Ivy has engaged with her new friends excellently, sharing toys and taking part in shared activities. These layers of connections and positive memories will help to create a positive attitude towards learning. Lara is standing independently with ease now but is hesitant to take some first steps. Jackson on the other hand is trying every other minute to take some steps, and the first few wobbles are coming. Noah is now pulling himself up everywhere, and this is allowing him to engage in the most wonderful way. He is clearly enjoying exploring every corner of the room, and he sets of on many adventures. Emmett, meanwhile, is is the cool cat of the room, as jogs around the room bopping to the music, and giggling as he goes. He is very stable on his feet now, and is encouraging all of his friends to get involved. Such a balanced team of learners.

I look forward to next week.

P.S. To all the families we will not see till the new year begins, we wish you all of the love and merriment that the christmas season has to offer. Blessings!