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Jingeri families,

Initially we thought it might be a day full of boys as Finley, Jackson, Noah Cameron and Tairongo came in for a play. However Miss Hansani and I were so glad when our little Skyla girl joined us for the day.

Although we did venture outside for a few quick runs, the mosquitoes are multiplying in force in this muggy weather so it was difficult to share the space with them.  The children are all trying to talk now so communication is everywhere. They are offering toys to each other, and saying “Ta” in return for the gift. They call the item by name if they are playing with balls or bubbles, and they ask for specific foods such as crackers and banana. They are associating the words with actions, and they are beginning to understand simple requests like, washing hands or sitting to eat.

They are growing up, and it is clearly obvious now.

I look forward to tomorrow.