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Jingeri families,

An outstanding end to the week, rounding it off with Ariana, Thomas, Cameron, Skyla, Tai and Jackson. And I cannot overstate how fortunate we feel to be able to roll in and out of our little spaces to adventure and learn.

Our focus on the letter “H” ends up with a Celebration of the very important word “Hello” to allow our small children to extend their ability to communicate confidently. This gave us the opportunity the sing our “Hello, How are you?” song to reinforce the polite greeting. We also did some Handshakes, and shouted “Hip-Hip Hooray, Its Friday!”. And then we played to our hearts content.

Ariana is communicating beautifully now, using her words clearly to ask for things and point things out. She has enjoyed running around today, getting involved with all of her friend’s games. She loves the outdoors. Cameron is moving around now with remarkable speed. He is kneeling confidently and shifting his weight around easily. We are thrilled. Thomas has had a champion day today, setting of to explore on his own many times. As I write this I am watching him play with the blocks and balls all by himself happily. Excellent progress young human. Jackson has also had a good day, as usual. He is happy and enthusiastic and generally just fun to be around. He is moving beautifully and exploring everywhere, and Noah is right by his side. They are feeling loud and strong and it is lovely to see.

I look forward to tomorrow.