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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Bella, Valencia, Olive and Daris in the morning. we started our day exploring the indoor experiences with the other babies rooms. Daris enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs, saying ‘wraaa wraaa’. He also offered some dinosaurs for his friends to play with him. Good sharing Daris. Olive and Bella loved to play in the home corner opening and closing the kitchen doors and patting the babies to sleep. Valencia loves the sensory table and she enjoyed shaking the bottles and watch inside the bottles. Then she put two babies in the pram and started to pushing the pram around.

We enjoyed some fresh fruits and yummy yoghurt for morning tea and then went outside to explore some challenging experiences. we did lots of walking and climbing to develop our gross motor skills. Daris loved to play with the big ball pushing and kicking it around. Olive enjoyed pushing the pram with dolls and pushing the mover all around the yard. Bella and Valencia did some climbing and walking together on the bridge demonstrating their balancing and gross motor skills.

Then we came inside, drank lots of water and sat at the table to engage with the sensory activity we set up. Miss.Hansani made some sensory bags with pom poms, paint and some coloured pasta. Olive, Bella and Valencia loved the sensory paint bags. They enjoyed moving their fingers on the bag to see they spread and mix with the other colours. Daris loved the pasta one as he can shake it and here the sounds they make when hit each other. After that Valencia did her Balloon painting using yellow and green colour for the Australia day. She wasn’t sure what to do with the balloon first. But after demonstrating her how to use it, she created a beautiful artwork.

Then we washed our hands and sat at the table nicely to enjoy our lunch. Today we had some fresh salad, cheese, avocado and some yummy dipping with bread. Kids really loved it. In the afternoon, we will encourage children to engage with some more outdoor activities.

Have a lovely afternoon…

Much love Miss.Hansani, Miss.Shanan