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Jingeri families,

It has been a wonderful Friday, where Miss Hansani and I were joined by Ivy, Lara, Tai and Cameron. The quiet day meant we have been able to spend some quality time with each of the children, cuddling and chatting about the rainy weather.

Due to the sudden onslaught of serious illness we have recently had passing through the room, we have spent yesterday and today role-modelling good health and hygiene practices by sanitizing and sterilizing EVERYTHING… twice! The fight against the invisible enemy begins with consistent effective rituals which minimize the spread of any virus or bacteria, and allowing our young children to observe and understand the importance of these best practice methods of maintaining cleanliness is a gift fort their future wellness.

The children have also had fun with all the toys we rediscovered during the thorough re-organizing and washing of the resources. It’s amazing what you can discover at the bottom of a full box. The sharing between friends has improved now to the point where they are eager to include each other and they are aware that by offering their friends the interesting toys, they will encourage a game. They are playing hide-and-seek with each other, and consoling each other when they are feeling emotional. All of these social interactions are developing as they gradually negotiate their way through their learning.

I look forward to tomorrow.