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Good afternoon families!!

Welcome to babies two… It has been such a beautiful Monday today.. This morning, we welcomed Parker, Olive, Valencia, Braxton, Oskar and Loki. It’s Braxton’s first day at kindy… Welcomed to babies two Braxton… Braxton was so happy and settled in his new room. He built a strong and good relationship with his friends and educators. Parker and Olive were so excited to say ‘’Hello’’ to Braxton this morning…

Today we started our day having some morning tea and we all enjoyed while we were sitting at the table nicely. Then we got cleaned up washed our hands and put the hats on to go outside. Children enjoyed playing with the soft blocks that we set up on the mat and walk and climb on the balancing bridge. Then the babies three room set up an activity for the ‘’nature play week’’ which was a sensory table with mud, water, brushes and farm animals. Children had so much fun playing with mud and clean and wash the animals with clean water.

After we washing our hands we engaged with some experiences related to the ‘’International Day of Human Space Flight’’. We offered children with orange colour paint with some papers and encouraged them to create a sun using their fingers. Miss.Jess showed them how to move their little fingers to create a circle first and the create lines around it. it was so much fun. Then we created planets using playdough. We rolled the playdough to make planets. This experiences provided them opportunities with developing their sensory skills and fine motor skills while celebrating special events.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess