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Hello families…

welcome to babies two. Happy Monday….Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed Finley, Noah, Cameron, Tairongo, Thomas, Liz and Halle into babies two room in the morning. Halle is our new friend in babies two room, and she has settled so well in the room and she has built a great relationship with her friends and the educators. Welcome to Babies Two Halle. We started our day having morning tea and then moved to explore the indoor activities. Children have been choosing to engage with different activities as their interest. Finley, Noah and Thomas have been choosing to play with the Legos by putting them together to create a big tower. Tairongo and Cameron were so interested to push the trucks and cars on the floor while Liz and Halle explore the sensory bottles.

We had such a beautiful time playing outside under nice weather. It was Halle’s first experience exploring Babies Two outdoor yard. She loved watching her friends playing around while having a nice cuddle from Miss.T’arn. Liz was so excited to explore the abacus puzzle by moving the rings confidently. It was a great opportunity to develop her fine motor skills. Noah and Tairongo had such a good time together stacking the rings in a corner of the outdoor yard. They concentrated really well and had their chances one at a time. It was so nice to see that our children engage with group activities. The wood boat is one of most favourite outdoor experience in Babies Two now.

Group Times

Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn read some books in the evening as a group time to let children enjoy some different kind of stories together.

Have a lovely day…..Much love from Miss.Hansani Miss.T’arn …..