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Good Afternoon Families♥ Welcome to babies two♥

Today Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Olive, Daisy, Braxton, Loki, Chester and Oskar this morning. We explored indoor experiences with babies three friends as usual. Chester absolutely enjoyed playing in the home corner by himself pretending that he was cooking using pots, pans and spoons. Then he engaged with exploring the wild animal set up with Oskar and Olive. Olive picked up a dinosaur and showed Chester saying ‘’Look Chester…Dinosaur… wraaaaa’’. Chester laughed and asked if he could have a look at the dinosaur saying ‘’Ta’’. Oskar and Chester read the mini books too while sitting at the book corner. Oskar loves the magnifying glasses. He would put it closer to his face and look at his friends faces and laugh. Daisy and Chester loved playing together exploring the transport area. Chester would offer cars and trucks for Daisy and encourage her to push them on the floor. Daisy gave the biggest cuddle for Chester today. Braxton was super busy with playing with the wooden shapes this morning. He found the box and tipped it out on the mat so he can have a look at all the shapes. He loves them as they have little mirrors in the middle. For morning tea, we enjoyed blueberry quinoa breakfast bar with bananas.

For the group time our children engaged with yoga. The yoga teacher sat on the mat outside in a corner of the yard and greeted everyone before the yoga session. Then she demonstrated some stretching and simple yoga movements for the children. Then the yoga teacher encouraged children to follow some simple steps with a beautiful music. She brought us a cool bubble machine so the children can pop the bubbles while sitting on the mat. Loki was said ‘’bye bye…Thank you..’’ to the yoga teacher when she left. Well done Loki.

Today is ‘’The cup cake day’’. Miss Nads brought us cup cake mixtures for our rooms to make cup cakes with our little babies. So Miss Tatiane invited all our friends to sit around the table to watch and engage with making cupcakes. She encouraged children to mix butter, egg substitute and milk and mix it well. Everyone had a turn to mix the cup cake mixture with all the ingredients and mix the butter icing with different colours such as green, red, blue and yellow. Outside Olive and Oskar took turns to go on the slide while Daisy and Chester walk on the balancing beams. Braxton was really interested on playing with the excavators while Loki was climbing onto top of the climbing frame. For lunch we enjoyed mac and cheese. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying fresh fruit kebabs and white chocolate dipping.

We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons for mealtime to feed ourselves, put the hats on, find the drink bottles, find the water bottles and wash our hands. Our new goal is encouraging children to put their dishes, bibs and drink bottles away in the baskets after mealtime. We encourage children to find their own cot now. For one-on-one time we explored the wild animal set up and encouraged children to practice animal names individually. We practiced some names such as Dinosaur, cow, sheep, horse, chicken and goat

We have put up the daily blog, daily programming and daily pictures up on the wall just before where we enter to the babies room. Miss Jess has created a book called babies two memories with photos of special experiences that we engaged with. Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane will continue the book. Parents can have a look at the book any time, it will be displayed on the parents hub just before you enter to the room. Please pack some clothes for warm weather as it can get really warm in the afternoon now. All the parents you are more than welcome to bring us some ideas for the ‘’science week’’ this week. Olive’s mom brought us some beautiful seashells that Olive collected from the beach on the weekend, and we will be engaging with an art experience with the shells. Thanks for sharing this with your friends Olive.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane…..