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Jingeri families,

Monday has been sticky and sweaty and wonderful. The heavy heat of summer after rain is exquisitely damp, but we all cannot resist heading out into the warm fresh air to run about in our amazing little yard.

Ruby, Cameron, Finley, Noah and Tairongo came in today for an excellent beginning to the week. The familiarity of routine is integral to children becoming confident learners, as they navigate their space. The children are all eating so well, with every one of them devouring the special vegetable and pasta puree after a full lunch. They are all drinking their water beautifully too, making sure we re-hydrate in this weather. Finley was outstanding today, drinking three full cups of water and eating two whole florets of broccoli at lunch.

Noah is growing up dramatically, interacting with much more force than ever before. He is taking unassisted steps and balancing on anything he can find. He is inquisitive and affectionate and altogether happy. Tairongo has also developed great physical co-ordination, moving with ease and confidence. He can throw, kick and jog around after the ball. Ruby is remarkably confident on her feet, getting around with speed. She thoroughly enjoys running around with the boys, and leads the adventures into the tents outside. Cameron is moving around so much more now too, venturing into the shelves and looking through the boxes of toys. He even pulled himself up to his knees at the window, which is excellent.

I look forward to tomorrow.