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Hello families

Welcome to the babies two room for another beautiful day. It has been an amazing day with all our little friends. Miss Hansani and Miss Jess welcomed all the babies in the morning and had lot of fun during the day.

Children have been choosing to explore outside in the morning as usual.so they started the day playing babies three outdoor yard and headed back to babies two room for rest of the day. Finley enjoyed pushing the trucks and push cows around the yard showing his gross motor skills confidently. Cameron and Noah were so excited to stack the rings together as they can demonstrate their fine motor skills through play. They all loved play in the sand pit throwing and digging the sand together while having some fresh air. Finley and Noah were so excited to play under the circus tent and rall around the yard.

Morning teatime. Our little humans enjoyed their morning tea after the busy play. They loved to taste all the fruits and have some more water to be hydrated.

Children have been engaging with a nice painting session after small nap as we are focusing on more arts and crafts this week. So, Miss Hansani decided to make chicken using their handprints as they love animals. Miss Jess helped the children to colour their palms using yellow colour and put their palm prints on a white paper to create our little chicken. It was nice to create little chickens from my little children’s hands.

After lunch, Thomas and Jackson enjoyed their time spending outside with Miss emma and they enjoyed connecting the plastic circles and throw them around after creating a ball. Jackson enjoyed pushing the wheelbarrow around the yard as they love active play.

In the afternoon, Thomas and Jackson explored the big toddlers play yard with Miss. Jess as this age loves challenging experiences. Thomas was so excited to get on the tricycle and ride around the path moving his little strong legs. Jackson also joined with Thomas happily. They enjoyed a messy water play too. Children loved to turn on and turn off the taps as they can see the water is flowing.

It has been an amazing day with lot of experiences…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess