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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two… Today we welcome Braxton, Oskar, Parker and Olive this morning and we all had such a beautiful day…. What an amazing start for the week. Braxton was so settled in the room and had such a good time with his educators and his friends.

This morning we explored the outdoor yard with all our friends from other babies rooms. The yard has been set up nicely with uncovered sand pit and sand pit toys, slides, Sea-saw, soft blocks, bicycles and a quiet area with mats and pillows. Parker, Olive and Oskar loved playing in the sand pit digging holes and filling the buckets with sand. Braxton was watching his friends and he also slowly moved to the sand pit to play with his friends.

Morning teatime…. After washing our hands, we enjoyed some porridge, yogurt, and some fresh fruits for morning tea. Then it was time for a little group time. So, we enjoyed listening to a ‘’good morning’’. Parker and Oskar loved it and they started dancing with the biggest smile.

So, this week we are doing ‘’fruits and vegies’’ as an extension for the nature week experiences that we did last week. so, Mis.Hansani and Miss.Jess are going to bring some fruits and vegies this week and do some activities related to them. Today we observe an apple. We touched it, smelled it, and looked at the red colour and then Miss.Jess cut it into two pieces to use it for a painting. We dipped the pieces in the orange paint and stamped the shapes. It was so much fun… We also did an Anzac Day painting using red colour and a flower to create poppy flowers.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess