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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcome Olive, Oskar, Loki, Daisy, Zeppelin, Roman and Braxton. We started our having some yoghurt and fresh fruits for morning tea. Oskar Olive, Loki and Braxton confidently used the spoon to feed themselves. Daisy and Roman used the spoon with a little encouragement from Miss.Hansani. All the children enjoyed morning tea while sitting at the table nicely and used their self-help skills to feed themselves. Then it was time for a story. Little Zeppelin enjoyed his morning nap while his other friends read a story with Miss.Tatiana. Miss.Tatiana read ‘’That’s not my tractor’’ while sitting on the mat with our babies. Then she offered kids with some more books as they all got excited to have a book on their own hands so they can have a look by themselves. Everyone was so happy as they got to choose what they love to look at.

This week we are planning to engage with lots of sensory experiences. so, Miss.Hansani brought a big tray with pink colour pasta and green colour spaghetti outside. This experience gave children opportunities with develop their hand and eye coordination skills, sensory skills and language skills. Olive picked hand full of spaghetti and said ‘’Yellow’’. Then Miss.Hansani said ‘’This is green and this is pink Olive.. But we can make Yellow pasta next time’’. Then she picked pink pasta saying ‘’pink’’. Roman, Braxton, Loki, Daisy and Oskar loved touching the pasta and feel the texture of the pasta. Finally Roman and Olive did not forget to taste them.

Then we let the children have a free outdoor time while having some nice and fresh air. Daisy and Braxton enjoyed playing with a green shaker having turns to shake it. Daisy was so settled in the outdoor space as she loves to look around. Roman loved to clap and dance when Miss.Hansani was singing ‘’Incy Wincy spider’’. Oskar loved to play with Miss.Hansani throwing a ball around. Also his favourite thing is doing peek-a-boo With his educators. Oskar gives the biggest smile when I say ‘’Peek-a-boo…I see you’’. I the afternoon Zeppelin played with his favourite soft toys trying to reach them by moving his hands up. Also Zeppelin had such a wonderful one on one time singing ‘’ Twinkle twinkle’’ and ‘’five little ducks’’. It has been such a beautiful day and an amazing start for the week.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tatiana