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Good Afternoon Families!

Welcome to babies two!!

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Olive, Loki, Chester and Indiana this morning. Jordan from babies one joined with us to spend his day today. Thank you for wearing yellow or floral clothes for the ‘’Daffodil’’ day. Our children explored some indoor experiences in babies one for a bit and they absolutely loved the musical instruments such as shakers, drums and pianos. Olive had a little play in toddlers yard with her brother Abel. She loved exploring all the challenging experiences such and the big slide, balancing bridge and climbing on the climbing frame. Loki and Chester were so excited to explore the outdoor yard after exploring our room. Inside, Olive and Indiana played in the home corner and doll corner pretending that they were putting the babies to sleep. Outside Chester had so much fun with bowling. He grabbed the big purple ball saying ‘’ball’’ and threw it towards the bottles that filled with different colours of water. He was so excited to put them all down and repeat the game by himself. Loki loved releasing a car on the slide and then have a turn for himself. He would laugh and clap saying ‘’yayyyy’’ after releasing the car. Loki loves watching the road and today he pointed at a truck saying ‘’truck…truck..’’. Indiana has developed her language skills so much. She loves repeating words that she hears. This morning Indiana came to Miss Hansani with her shoe saying ‘’ta’’. Once I put the shoe on her I encouraged Indiana to say ‘’thank you’’ and she smiled at me saying ‘’thank you’’..

For the group time Miss Tatiane had group discussion of everyone’s weekend. Chester had a visit to the ‘’Australia Zoo’’ during the long weekend so Miss Tatiane decided to show them some animals and encouraged children to recognise them. Chester was so excited to point at the animals he saw in the zoo. It was so nice to see everyone sitting around the table and trying to communicate using their verbal language skills.

 Miss Tatiane set up the table with a tray with yellow paint mixed with yellow glitter, orange colour papers and paint brushes for each child. Loki, Olive, Indiana and Chester were so excited to engage with this experience as a group. Loki and Olive said ‘’painting’’ as soon as they saw the activity we set up. It was such a nice experience as they shared one painting tray with everyone and waited to have their turn to dip the paint brushes in paint once they run out for paint on the brushes. Olive would ask for more paint saying ‘’I want more please’’. After the painting everyone got paint everywhere, so Miss Tati offered children with wipes to clean their hands and clean the table. They have been so helpful today. well, done friends.

Outside we set up the big tray with shaving foam mixed with yellow colouring. We have the best weather to engage with outdoor experiences today. Chester and Loki ran to the door straight away after the art experience saying ‘’Outside…Outside..’’. We encouraged children to recognise the colour of the shaving foam before we engage with it. Everyone had so much fun touching and feeling the texture of the shaving foam. They observed the way it disappears with the time. We all ended up getting shaving foam everywhere. That was such a great sensory experience.

                                                            Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane