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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcome Daisy, Olive, Oskar, Braxton, Roman, Loki and Zeppelin this morning. we started our day exploring indoor activities such as spinning the wheels, stacking rings, roll the balls on the floor, shake the shakers. Also we unpacked all the toys Miss.Hansani brought for us today. After we washing our hands we enjoyed some yummy morning tea. then we got our tummies filled and ventured the little outdoor area as Daisy, Roman and Braxton feel more comfortable in there. Olive and Loki enjoyed climbing and walking on the climbing frame and the balancing bridge while Braxton and Roman crawl on the wooden steps. Oskar enjoyed riding a bicycle while Daisy was practicing her balancing skills by walking with the walker. We also watched horses over the fence as they were running around their farm all morning.

This week we are focusing on developing our fine motor skills. So, Miss.Hansani made a tray with pom poms, Little balls and cotton balls with little plastic tongs. Then we set it up outside and encouraged children to pick the pom poms and cottons using tongs and put them in the bawl. Olive, Loki and Oskar absolutely loved this experience as the enjoyed picking up the pom poms using tongs and fill the bawl. Daisy enjoyed watching her friends while sitting with Miss.Hansani. Roman and Braxton chose to join with babies one friends to play in the ocean that they created with blue sensory papers and shredded papers. They loved to jump into the tray that they put up the ocean and play with the papers as it was a great sensory experience. Zeppelin enjoyed playing with the little sensory fabric books and play with his flush toys. When he did his tummy time he loved watching Olive as she was shaking these little shakers that she found from the sensory basket.

we do apologies as the photos will not upload. we hope this will be fix for tomorrow.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess