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JIngeri families,

We welcomed three new little humans to our Babies room today. Spencer, Alia and Skyla joining Emmett, Ruby, Cameron and Tairongo on their next chapter. They all did marvelously well to settle in with a group of strange friends, taking in the overload of information and getting on with it.

Skyla has done so well to get used to the big change, easily settling with the educators and allowing us to comfort her when needed. She joined her friends outside in the shade on the mat playing with the brightly coloured shapes and testing the blocks. Spencer also loved the outdoor space, heading off on her own to look inside the tents. She is confident and adventurous and is content to explore independently.  Alia has been incredible today, setting off immediately to introduce herself to her classmates, and choosing balls and squishy foam blocks to investigate. She is experimenting with a lot of words already, so I am certain she will be talking soon. Emmett is getting faster and stronger by the day, moving around his familiar space with a confidence that defies his age. He is smart and interesting. Cameron is a whole new person in the room today, joining in with his friends for games and giggling with delight for tummy tickles. He is more relaxed and this is allowing him to enjoy the whole experience more. Tairongo has been most interested in the stacking domes today, testing which piece fits best where. His concentration was remarkable as he slowly tried the different sizes with one another. Excellent trial and error methodology. Ruby is also in the process of testing everything out. This phase of hypothesizing and transferring knowledge is fundamental to her becoming an enthusiastic learner. The children are all doing well, and we are thrilled with the progress.

I look forward to tomorrow.