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Good afternoon to babies two families,

What a wonderful start to the week, we started off by greeting all our friends from babies one and three. We also gave lots of hugs to our friends in babies two. This morning we had enjoyed exploring babies two room, with all our friends.  We had enjoyed looking at the mirrors and finding ourselves smile, giggle, and point at our reflections. Also exploring home corner, building tall towers with the chunky peggy, completing the animal puzzles, and lastly building with the colourful blocks. Once everyone was finished with exploring the room it was time for some delicious morning tea. but before having some food we washed our hands and sat down at the table. For morning tea, we had enjoyed some watermelon, bananas with a vegetable frittata. All the children enjoyed the fruit, but they all tried the frittata, which was wonderful they all tried something new.

Afterwards we explored the room which our friends had enjoyed the soft animals, toolbox, sensory objects, home corner, and soft blocks. Miss Jess also enjoyed using the chucky peggy to build a tall tower with Loki and Olive, as they took turns placing a block onto of each other. Winston had enjoyed feeling the textured rainbow and houses which it was soft and smooth for his fingers. Miss Jess had also setup a wonderful footprint painting activity for the children to experience. All the children one by one stepped into two different colours of paint which were yellow, and pink then walked along a white coloured paper as their footprints appeared. This activity is to help children balancing and physical movement of their legs. This week we are focusing on physical development as this is essential for children’s growth. While we were completing the footprints, we had a practice fire drill which all the children enjoyed. The children had seen their friends from babies one, three toddlers one and two at our meeting point. This was wonderful to see all the children calm, singing songs and giggling while in the cot. What a fantastic job babies two did Miss Hansani and Miss Jess are proud. Once we finished with the fire drill it was time to wash our hands and sit nicely at the table ready for lunch.

This afternoon we hope to explore they big babies’ yard and build strength in our legs as we do some running, climbing, and balancing. We also will enjoy some sandpit play as this will build our muscles in our hands and fingers.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo