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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Parker, Valencia and Olive in the morning. we spent such a good time with our babies today. Everyone’s so settled and happily engaged with the activities we have planned.

After the morning story time with Miss.Jess we transitioned our kids into the next activity. This week we are going to use recycling materials to set up the activities and use them for arts and craft and painting. As the first day, we used card boards and tore them apart and used small pieces to dip in the paint and make beautiful shapes and lines on the white papers. Parker loved slowly to dip the cardboard pieces in the paint and move them on the white paper. Valencia used the cardboard pieces first and then she used her hands to mix the colours. Olive wasn’t sure if she wants to use her hands or cardboard pieces to do the activity. After miss.Hansani showing her how to use he cardboard, she picked the card board and engaged with the painting. It was a bit messy but so much fun.

We also went outside for a little play as Valencia was very excited to go outside and play with the friends from next door. She used her non-verbal communication skills by pointing at the door and shaking her head. At the lunch time Parker was very talkative and had such a nice conversation with Miss.Hansani.. She used her verbal communication skills saying ‘more , yummy’ to ask for more food and express her feelings.