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Good afternoon families,

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Olivia and Olive into the toddler’s yard when they arrived this morning, we then moved into the babies yard and welcomed the rest of our friends Bella-Rose, Parker, Daris and Winston. During our time outside this morning, we were all engaged in some water play outside with our friends from Babies three. Daris, Winston and Olivia all loved sliding down the slide, and some of our other friends enjoyed listening to Miss Otavia reading some books.

After our delicious morning tea, we separate the children in two groups. One group did some ice cube painting for Valentine’s day with Miss Otavia. All our friends thought the ice cubes were very cold, but this did not stop them from making some beautiful paintings with the ice cubes. While that, Miss Danica took the other group and placed some sensory bags on the table for the children to play around with. The sensory bags were made with pom poms, paint, and coloured pasta. Olive, Bella-Rose, and Parker really enjoyed this activity. They enjoyed moving their fingers on the bag to see the painting moving around. Winston loved the sensory bag with pasta as he could make sound while shaking the bag. We then all sat around the table for a group time with Miss. Danica and Miss. Otavia to make some Chinese dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year, all the children were really intrigued by the dragon and we all took turns holding them.

After all those experiences we had this morning it were time to wash our hands and sit around the table to enjoy our lunch. Today we had some yummy vegetables, green beans, tuna, and rice. Then, we all went for a nap to fill our body up with more energy and have more fun in the afternoon.

We have all had so much fun today.

Much love from Miss. Otavia, Miss. Danica