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Welcome to babies two. Miss.T’arn and Miss.Hansani welcomed Halle, Avery, Cameron, Noah and Finley to their beautiful environment. We had a nice time playing with all babies from babies one and babies three friends in the morning before we split out. It was nice to see our babies share the toys and being so gentle with their friends from next doors.

Children enjoyed some pan cakes and some fruits for their morning tea and headed to outdoor play yard to explore the experiences we set up for the day. Children were so interested and confident to go on the slide and sit on the see-saw without any help from their educators. They are quite confident to demonstrate their balancing skills by involving outdoor experiences. Lifting and carrying the soft big blocks, ridding bicycles and walk and climb on the climbing beam were the other most experiences for today.

Before the lunch time, we decided to engage with a messy play today. Miss.T’arn made a goop using some corn flour, water, and red colour with children for red nose day. Children got so excited and they couldn’t even wait until miss.T’arn mix the goop for them. Children loved to touch and feel the goop on their hands and all over their body. Children enjoyed pouring the goop on them and their friends.

Miss.Nadeen brought in a box with full of red stuffs and children explored the stuffs in the box after messy play. They enjoyed finding new things in the box and some of our children asked ‘’what’s that?’’. We found red balls, bows, bags, a truck, a book, hats and flowers from the box.

Have a lovely day….