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JIngeri families,

Thursday has seen four friends come together for a mellow day of developing connections. Cameron, Finley, Noah and Ruby are all regulars now, which translated into a smooth effortless day of hanging out in good company.

Cameron is without a doubt the standout today. The progress that he has made settling in is fantastic, and we are all so proud of how confident he has become. As he moves around his space more freely, he is also extending his physical strength. He pulling himself up onto his knees easily now, which has opened up the next level of shelves offering new perspectives. Noah is happy to meet him on the other side any time, as he continues to grow in every area. He is now walking long distances inside and outside, and the persistent focus written across his face is indicative of how much he wants to join his friends running around. Finley and Ruby are now extremely confident on their feet, running and diving fearlessly. They are pushing each other beautifully to test the laws of nature, shrieking with joy as they push the circus tent over to lie side ways. The freedom in the way Ruby experiments and explores her environment is gorgeous.

I look forward to tomorrow.