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Good Afternoon Babies 2 Families,

This morning we welcomed our friends inside babies two while outside got a very good going over with a scrub a dub, dub which we all liked to watch the contraption spraying. Then we explored our outdoor surroundings climbing, sliding, throwing and catching the balls while inside was getting a good working too as well. For group time we pretended to get into our boats to go rowing. We enjoyed holding hands together while singing row row row your boat and swaying in a back and forth motion. Then we liked to rock, rock, rock the boat gently too and froe until we wibble and wobbled and fell into the water before getting back into our boats to do it all over again. We had a massive exploration day outside for todays activity we washed the paint off the window so we are ready for tomorrows spooky surprise for Halloween celebrations this week and over the weekend. Once the task was complete Miss Steph went around giving each child hi 5’s in encouragement for such a great job they did helping, then they gave each other hi 5’s which was super cute to witness. Thank you babies and Miss Hope for the most splendid past two days with you and we hope everyone has a relaxing day tomorrow.  xx