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Good afternoon families….

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed Olive, Bella, Oskar, Nash, Forrest, Daris and Austin with cuddles. We explored some indoor experiences until all our friends arrived. Bella, Olive and Daris absolutely enjoyed stacking the rings and they helped each other to find the rings and stack them one on one. This helped them to develop their fine motor skills and hands and eye coordination skills. Daris encouraged his friends to clap when they were able to stack them nicely. Bella and Olive also started to clap after to celebrate their group achievement. Oskar and Forrest enjoyed spinning fidget spinners that we stick on the door. It became Oskar’s favourite experience right now. This helps them to develop their fine motor skills. Nash and Austin sat with Miss.Jess to go through a sensory book and encouraged them to touch and feel the textures enjoy it as a sensory experience.

Then it was time to have morning tea and then we headed to our favourite big yard. We spent plenty of time giving the children opportunities with various outdoor challenging experiences to develop their gross motor skills and demonstrate their physical skills. We practice some kicking and throwing balls with the boys. Also, we engaged with playing some musical instruments to make some music. We sung some favourite songs which were ‘’baby shark, wheels on the bus, raw raw raw your boat’’ with Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess. Also we did not forget to read ‘’that’s not my puppy’’ as Bella requested to read it for her friends.

As we are focusing on fine motor skills, Miss.Hansani set up a sensory tray with rice, pasta, funnels and scoops as an extension.Then we set up the tray on a big mat so the children can enjoy the experience as they wish. So our main goal was to encourage them to scoop the rice and pasta and transfer them in the funnels. Miss.Jess and Miss.Hansani helped them to transfer the pasta from scoop to funnel and we let them do it in their way. Daris enjoyed picking up pasta one by one and put in a big funnel while Olive enjoyed scooping them and collecting them on the mat. Bella held a funnel in one hand and collect some rice from her other hand and put in the funnel to watch it flows. Austin decided to watch his friends while sitting on Miss.Jess’s lap. Nash played with the little turtle shape scoops while Oskar runs his fingers on the tray as he enjoyed feeling the different textures of pasta and rice. It has been such a beautiful day.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess