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Good afternoon lovely families,

What a wonderful sunny day it is today. we had a wonderful start to the day by exploring the outdoor environments, which we had been playing with our friends from babies three. We had greeted all our friends who arrived by giving them a big cuddle once coming outside. Before we knew it was time to head inside for some morning tea. We filled our tummies with some morning tea then got cleaned up and explored the room afterwards.

While exploring the room Miss Jess had asked us to come to the table one by one to complete the Mother’s Day gift and heart stamping. Daris and Olive loved the stamping and dipping the shapes into paint. They both giggled while completing the stamping activity. Forrest and Austin loved making the Mother’s Day gift as their friends had come over to watch then paint the wonderful gift for mum. Bella-Rose and Oskar also enjoyed the stamping of the love heart, as this will help children with their fine motor skills.  While some people had been completing the painting, Miss Tatiana had read some stories to our friends which were ABC, 123, everyone enjoyed listening and pointing out the picture, colours and number on the page. Thank you, Miss Tatiana, for reading stories to us, we love stories! Once everyone had finished both Mother’s Day gift painting and the heart painting we moved on outside. This was lots of fun, as we walked the bridge, rowed the seesaw, did running up and down, and slid down the slide while playing with our friends from babies three. While outside we also enjoyed watching the cars and trucks go passed as we would shout hello and goodbye to them all which also made some of us giggle. We then moved inside to wash our hands, push our chairs to the table then sat down nicely.

We would like to announce there is a Parent Educator Meeting coming up on the 1st of June 2021. This is for all parents to have the opportunity to talk with Miss Hansani about your children’s development and to have a look through the observation books. This would be wonderful as you can asked many questions and communicate what more you would like your child to develop at this age. The times for parents to book in is between 3pm and 5pm. Each family will be given 15minustes with Miss Hansani on this day. Please book in what time you would like by written on the booking sheet which will be displayed on the bag shelf.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo 💕