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Good afternoon families…

Today we welcomed Daris, Winston, Parker, Olive, Bella-Rose, Oskar, and Forrest to babies 2.  We had all welcomed each other in babies one room, as we greeted and interacted with friends. We loved singing songs such as row row your boat and twinkle twinkle little star. We also sat down together to read some books as a group which were 123, ABC, and That’s Not My Puppy. Which is everyone’s favourite book! After exploring the room for a while, it was time to wash our hands and push our chairs to the table, as we get ready for morning tea.

It was time to have some free time inside exploring the room. We recently have found an interest with the colourful blocks, as we love making extremely tall towers then knocking them down, this always makes us all laugh.  We have also found an interest with other play objects such as ring stackers, chunky Peggy, puzzles, puppets, cars, and home corner. Home corner has also become a resent interest in most as we find them “making” food for friends and educators. This allows the children to explore role play through home corner. The children have an opportunity to work together and communicate with one another but also express feelings while allowing other children to respond.  While adventuring inside we had some fun with some bubbles, we all tried popping them while they had been floating in the air. We all reached up and would say POP once we popped them, what fun we had!

Afterwards Miss Jess had some Easter activities for us all to complete. Today it was Easter ice cube painting with green, red, and blue. Everyone enjoyed this painting but also confused about the texture of the paint. They were all intrigued with ice, as they could see it melt over time but couldn’t understand how the colours were there. Lots of the children could communicate to Miss Jess that the ice was cold when touching it and maneuvering on the white paper. We loved this ice cube activity as it allowed children to extend on their sensory skills and understanding the concept of the ice melting also it being cold when touching it. Once everyone was finished with the ice cube painting everyone explored outside, as Forrest stayed inside to catch up on other Easter activities. Which were Easter painting, Easter foam egg decoration and cookie cutter painting. What fun Forrest had!

We all enjoyed going outside and exploring the jungle gym, slide, seesaw, sandpit, blocks, books, dolls, and 3D shapes. We all interacted with babies three while outside. We loved climbing, rocking on the seesaw, going down the slide and more. We hope this afternoon we can go outside again, as the wet weather has kept us inside recently, but we have loved the time we can et outside!

Miss Hansani and Miss Jess would like to remind parents there will be a puppet show on Friday the 16th of April. We have permission forms for parents to sign and hand back to either Miss Hansani or Miss Jess. We are excited to see this puppet show, and all children are too! if you would like your child not to attend please let either educator know also. Thank you.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Tatiana xoxo