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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcome Olive, Loki, Bella, Winston and Valencia in the morning. It has been an amazing day in babies two as always. Today we started our day exploring indoor experiences. Bella and Olive loved stacking rings and Bella loved counting while she was stacking them. She counted one to five first and then kept counting until ten with Miss.Hansani. Winston enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs, he grabbed two of them and offered one for me to join with him to play. Loki loves playing with the little sensor blocks and the little mirror blocks.

Then we headed outside after morning tea to explore our outdoor yard. We all had so much fun exploring the sensory tray that babies three set up with oats, shredded papers and bark. Olive and Loki sat around the tray and started mixing them and moving them around the tray as they could feel different textures and hear different sounds. Everyone else continued playing in the yard. Bella, Olive, Winston and Loki were obsessed with the slide. They went on the slide really fast one after one and laughed each other when they reach the ground. Valencia absolutely loved to go on the dinosaur see-saw by herself. We also played with balls throwing and kicking them around and engage with the obstacle courses.

Then we set up the table with paints and papers to do some group activities. First, we did a sponge painting with animal shape sponges.  All our babies extremely loved it. They watched Miss.Jess first and did their own paint dipping the sponges in different colours. Bella and Olive said ‘’ducky’’ after seeing the duck on the painting. Winston, Loki and Bella did the free painting using green and blue colours for the ‘’clean-up Australia Day’’. Then we read our mini books until the lunch is arrived.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess