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Jingeri families,

The rain is still pouring, but I am still grateful for it. Everything feels damp, but the cool relief is nonetheless worth it. It seems to have brought with it a fresh batch of infections, so we have been immersed in cleaning and children have been away sick. So it was good to get them all back today, healthy. Max, Finley, Ariana, Ruby, Thomas and Cameron

Well it seems we have had a huge leap forward with communication this last week. The words are clear and appropriate. Ariana is saying “Bye-bye!” to anyone who leaves the room, Ruby exclaims “Wow!” with perfection now, and Finley says ‘Ball” as he gives it to us. Cameron is babble-chatting beautifully so I am keen to hear what he has to say about it all. Max is a quiet thinker, watching everything closely before he joins the conversation. Thomas is still listening to it all, processing the mass of information coming to him. He has settled so wonderfully today.

I look forward to tomorrow.