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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two… Happy Tuesday… Today Miss.Hansani welcomed Olive, Bella, Parker, Winston and Loki in this morning with lots of cuddles. In the morning we played in the sand pit with other friends from next door and made sandcastles and filled the buckets using shovels. It was so much fun and messy. It was a good opportunity to develop our kids fine motor and gross motor skills. Then we headed inside and washed our hands to get ready for the morning tea. then we had fresh fruits and yummy healthy pancake for morning tea. well done… no one wanted to leave the table until they finish.

Then we set up two sensory activities outside as they love being outside doing sensory experiences. we put shaving foam on a table and filled the sensory tray with blue colour goop. Winston and Parker were so excited to touch the shaving foam. They both lough at each other and enjoyed spreading them all over the table. They both ended up putting shaving foam on their faces. Olive and Loki sat around the sensory tray and enjoyed touching goop and watching the way it melts from their hands. Olive giggled and said ‘’Woow’’.. Loki loved both shaving foam and goop so he spent time putting his hands and feet on goop and them joined with Winston to play with shaving foam. Bella chose to play in the sand pit with her friends from next door making sandcastles.

Then we all got cleaned up and enjoyed yummy pizza for lunch.

Have a lovely afternoon…

Much love Miss.Hansani …