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Jingeri families,

Finley, Ruby, Cameron and Noah welcomed their friend Skyla back today for great day full of Green to celebrate our alphabet letter of the week “G”. They were all intrigued by the different Groups of green toys, but as always become immediately immersed in the balls and blocks. We spent a Glorious morning outside as well, running from corner to corner and following each other through and around the tents. The delicate game of cat and mouse which began a few months ago has evolved into a full speed chase using the tents as obstacle adventures. Inside we read some more books together, since the children are all fascinated by them now. They choose which one they would like, and turn the pages enthusiastically.  Their attention is increasing and we are able to sit for longer and focus on the picture and word correlations.

Everyone is chatting now. The banter at the meal table is fabulous as they discuss the horses across the paddock, and we could listen to it all day. Each child has their own style and tone, ad they are each taking turns to stretch their personalities. Truly delightful to witness the miracle of Growth.

I look forward to tomorrow.