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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. We have had such an amazing day in babies two today. today we welcomed Bella, Parker and Valencia in the morning with lots of cuddles.

Children enjoyed exploring indoor activities as their interest until we separate the rooms. Until that we enjoyed playing in the home corner, taking care of the baby dolls, squeezing the soft blocks and pushing the little trucks on the floor.

After enjoying morning tea, Miss.Hansani set up a little beach on our sensory tray using sand and seashells. Bella was so excited to see what I was making, and she pointed and said ‘’look its beach’’. She couldn’t wait to wear her hat and jump into the tray. Bella and Parker loved touching the sand and feel the texture of wet sand. They were also surprised to see the beautiful seashells on the sand. Parker touched the seashells and said ‘woow’ after she touching the different surfaces. Valencia chose to walk around and watch the horses over the fence first. She also enjoyed riding the bicycles. After, she sat down with Miss.Hansani and started to explore the seashells. She collected lots of seashells and enjoyed touching them and banging them.

Next, we sat around the table and enjoyed doing some painting. Today we used playdough cutters such as flower shapes, stars and animal shapes to dip in the paint and putting them on a paper to see what shapes they make. Parker was so calm and nicely dipped the shapes in the paint and put it back on the paper. Bella loved using her hand after using the play dough shapes. Valencia loved to watch Miss.Hansani first and then started doing hers using the butterfly shape. It was so much fun. We also enjoyed our story time in the morning reading ‘’peek a boo’’ , that’s not my puppy and see you later Alligator’’.

Have a good afternoon..

Much love Miss.Hansani , Miss.Danica