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Hello families

Welcome to babies two room. It has been a beautiful day with all our friends from babies one and babies two as we all combined. Miss. Hansani and Miss. Lyn started the day with our little friends playing outside in the morning. Finley, Noah, Cameron, Elliana, Thomas, Charlie, and Miller enjoyed all the outdoor activities set up by Miss. Jess.  Children has been choosing to play in the sand pit using all the shovels and buckets to dig and fill sand happily. They enjoyed touch and feel the sand as they love sensory activities. Thomas, Finley and Elliana explored and engaged with the obstacle courses and steps as the love challenging experiences.

After we are having morning tea, children have been choosing to play with the trucks, animals, and the stacking rings inside. They loved to observe the book basket and find some interesting books to read while we were sitting on the mat.

We chose to do some more creative arts and crafts this week. So we created nice chickens using their little hand prints and today we created beautiful butterflies using children’s foot prints. They loved it as it was a new experience for them.

Children have been choosing to engage with more activities outside in the afternoon. Miller and Charlie had a good time with all their friends from babies two today.

Much love from Miss. Hansani, Miss. Lyn and Miss. Jess