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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Parker, Bella, Valencia and Winston in the morning. it has been such a beautiful day as we explored lots of fun activities during the day. We spent our morning outside and did a sensory play before it gets hot outside. We set up a sensory table with a little bit of water, bark, sand and some animals. Children loved to explore each basket to see what’s in there and touch and feel the different textures. They loved to give a bath for the animals. Parke, Bella and Winston loved to play with the boats on the water tray. Then we came inside and had some morning tea after washing our hands.

Then it was time to explore some indoor experiences. Bella and Parker were absolutely loved stacking rings together. They smiled at each other when they put the rings correctly. Winston enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs while Valencia was enjoying connecting soft blocks. She loves building up soft blocks and building blocks. Then we did some handprints to add to our family tree for the international language day. Winston and Bella had their turn to do the feather painting today. Before the lunch time we went back to explore the outdoor experiences. Parker and Winston enjoyed playing on the sensory tray staking the blocks together. Bella and Valencia loved rocking on the see-saw while Bella was singing ‘See-Saw up and down’. Then we enjoyed sliding on the slide and riding bicycles until we find the little sensory squares. We all sat down and explored each sensory squares. Such a beautiful day..

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess