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Jingeri families,

It is has been a day full of energy today in the room, as we all actively extend on our learning. Ariana, Ruby, Cameron, Skyla, Noah, Finley and Thomas joined Miss Hansani and I for another play.

As we continued on our journey through H this week, we included a few activities to introduce our Hungry Humans to the beautiful joy of Herb gardens which will benefit our Health. My young students joined me for a small pot-planting session for our little outdoor Hangers, where we potted ourselves some delicious basil, chives, coriander and parsley to small and taste. Of course the earth itself was the star attraction, so we had to enjoy an impromptu bubble-tub hand-washing routine before we moved on. This led to the bubble wand being brought out, to which the majority of the small humans offered and exclamation of “Bubbles!”. The word associations are coming together and the patterns will emerge. We also read our new book, the Hungry caterpillar’ to scaffold on the ideas of what we eat to feed our bodies.

The letter H also allowed us to incorporate the Horses that live across the paddock in our learning. We often point them so today we did a worksheet which included the picture and word together to reinforce the associations. Ruby’s mum also brought in a cute little fluffy horse toys, which extends perfectly.

The children are excellent, and our Healthy routines are forming.

I look forward to tomorrow.