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Good afternoon lovely families,

What a wonderful start to Tuesday it has been. While exploring the room with our friends from babies one and three we had our friends arrive which were Oskar, Roman, Braxton, Loki, Olive, Bella-Rose, Daisy and Zeppelin. We had welcomed each other with lots of cuddles. We had been enjoyed exploring the room as some of enjoyed completing the puzzles, making tall towers with the blocks, and making some yummy “food” from home corner for our educators. Once babies one and three had moved into their room we all enjoyed encouraging each other to wash our hands then sit down nicely at the table. For morning tea, we had enjoyed pear, banana and a delicious blueberry and apple seedy slice which Oskar, Olive, Bella, Loki, and Braxton all enjoyed. Once we had all been cleaned up it was time to explore the room.

While exploring the room Miss Danica had sat down with some of the children and read multiple stories such as That’s Not My…, 123 and ABC. While reading the books child would point to colours, animals and words, Miss Jess would ask some question like what is this colour? This was a new way of communicating and practicing our wonderful words, all the children had a go which is fantastic to see. Some other question Miss Jess had asked were what sound does this animal make? Can you help count to five? Wonderful communication from our friends today they all enjoyed sharing words during group story time. We had then all moved outside to see the wonderful experience Miss Jess had set up which was jelly play. This was a wonderful sensory experience for the children to touch, small and taste the jelly. They had used their fingers to understand the texture of the jelly, as it was cold, squishy, slimy to some. Oskar, Braxton, Olive, Bella, and Daisy all enjoyed tasted and squishing the jelly however Zeppelin and Roman didn’t like the texture and coldness of the jelly as they continued to explore the yard. Sensory activities will help children develop their fine motor, cognitive, language and creative developments. Our focus for this week is sensory play as it will build children development is different areas. Once we had all gotten cleaned up from the jelly it was time for some lunch, we had vegetables with a wonderful Greek spanakopita which everyone loved! Once filling our tummies, it was then time off for a little rest. This afternoon we hope to do half inside and outside. We also can’t wait to show everyone the photos from the jelly play.

We would also like to remind parents about parent teacher evening which will be held on Tuesday 1st of June next week. if you haven’t already booked in for a spot please books as we are starting to fill up.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo💕