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Welcome to babies two!!

Happy Tuesday♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Danica welcomed Olive, Daisy, Zeppelin, Braxton, Chester, Loki and Tommy with lots of cuddles. We explored indoor experiences with babies one and babies three friends until we split into our own rooms. While we were all inside we provided children with bunch of experiences that we set up both on the mats and tables such as building blocks, Stacking rings, puzzles, home corner pretend play, Musical instruments, spinning flowers, Wooden shapes, Wild animals and Soft toys. Chester played in the home corner with Olive this morning pretending that they were serving food into bawls using spoons. Braxton was so excited to come back this week, he started to explore the experiences we set up on the big table straight away. He enjoyed banging the building blocks on the table and clap using the building blocks. While he was doing that he would say ‘’hi’’ to anyone who walks into the room. Daisy and Loki sat on the book corner and had a little story time on their own. As Daisy loves the sensory books, She offered a sensory book for Loki as well. For morning tea we enjoyed apple, chia and date pancake

For the group time we danced for the ‘’sleeping bunny’’ song and danced for the ‘’Baby shark’’ song. Also we read a story called ‘’ The silliest scare craw’’. Daisy loved to have a look at a book called ‘’Pop! Goes zebra’’.

Today we started Exploring the experiences related to ‘’Early Learning Matters’’ week. So we experienced some exciting activities outside related to transporting. Miss Hansani and Miss Otavia organised some activities outside  allowing children to transport different materials from one place to another. We set up the yard with a sensory tray with colourful rice, wheelbarrows and another black empty sensory play. We encouraged children to scoop the rice into the wheelbarrows and push it to the black big tray and tip it out. That was such and interesting experience. Olive, Chester, Loki and Braxton absolutely enjoyed pushing the wheelbarrows with rice in it. They were so excited to demonstrate their fine motor, gross motor and balancing skills in one experience.

The next experience was Transferring pompoms and pipe cleaners onto wooden plates and tip into the big black tray. Olive and Loki engaged together to transfer the pom poms and pipe cleaners to the tray while Braxton and Chester play in the sand pit digging the sand using shovels. Daisy wanted to join with Zeppelin and Tommy inside and listen to some music and engage with playing some musical instruments. Zeppelin and Tommy love laying next to each and communicate with their facial expressions and smiles. Zeppelin has been practicing holding his bottle by himself yesterday and today. He would hold it for few seconds and smiles at me and let it go. That was such a good start to practice your self-help skillsFor lunch we enjoyed some yummy pasta. Tommy loved his puree that we gave him for lunch. For afternoon tea we enjoyed organic pumpkin chock chip cookies

In the afternoon we will be engaging with more outdoor experiences and then indoor free experiences.

We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons for mealtime to feed ourselves, put the hats on, find the drink bottles, find the water bottles and wash our hands.  Also we encourage children to put away their bibs and bottles after lunch.

For one-on-one time with the older babies we engaged with practicing colours and friend’s names. Also used flash cards to recognise different colours.

We have put up the daily blog, daily programming and daily pictures up on the wall just before where we enter to the babies room. Miss Jess has created a book called babies two memories with photos of special experiences that we engaged with. Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane will continue the book. Parents can have a look at the book any time, it will be displayed on the parents hub just before you enter to the room.

Today all our babies enjoyed the activities we set up both inside and outside. Especially they enjoyed engaging with transporting experiences outside.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Danica….