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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two. Today Miss. Hansani and Miss. Steph welcome all the children in the morning. Children have been choosing to do different activities all day.

We started our day playing inside with Miss. Hansani. Children have been choosing to play with the balls, wild animals and the soft blocks. Finly was very excited to play with balls while Elliana and Ariana playing with the tricycles and the wild animals. Children have been demonstrating lot of gross motor skills all day. After playing, Ariana helped me to pack away the toys.

After that, we sat on the mat for do some drawings. Miss. Hansani offered some red colour papers and colourful textures to choose as they wish. Children have been choosing to do some free drawing using those materials.

Miss. Shanaya joined with us for the Morning tea and we had a little picnic outside to get some fresh air while we are having food. Children have been choosing to play outside until lunch time.

Miss. Hansani set up a sand bucket outside so, the children could engage in a nice sensory play outside. Thomas was very excited to play with sand as he wanted to sit on the sand basket. He enjoyed playing with the trucks too.

After having our big lunch, some of our friends went to sleep and Thomas spent his time reading books. He loves to read the animal books. Miss. Hansani gave him the book basket and he took one by one at a time. Thomas turned the pages by his own and he was extremely excited to see animals and vehicles.

We have been practicing self-help skills and health and hygiene practices as usual.

Love from Miss. Hansani…..