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Jingeri families,

As the school terms officially begin, and the year kicks into the next gear, Tuesday joins suit with a day full of familiar faces and fun. Ariana, Ruby, Thomas, Indi, Emmett, Cameron, Ivy, Noah, Finley and Max came in to start the new term with a bang.

We introduced the letter “D” today as our literacy component of learning. This meant we could play with our Dinosaur activity in the sand box, as well as our five little Ducks in the water tub Finley was immediately absorbed with the game of give and take, offering the toys to his friends and inviting them to give it back. Indi also loved handing the ducks around to everyone, and Ruby helped her by making sure everyone got a turn with one. Emmett was more interested in the dinosaurs, and he and Max played together for ages. Ariana was also involved in all of the new fun, getting Ivy interested in the sand. Noah was great at sharing with the younger boys, making a point of including Cameron and Thomas in his imaginary play.

It has been a fantastic day of recovery from an amazing long-weekend, and our perfect room has allowed us to wobble in and out of our space to enjoy the best of both worlds

I look forward to tomorrow.