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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed Loki, Daris, Oskar, Forrest, Bella, Zeppelin and Austin. We started our day Having some yummy morning tea while we were sitting at the table nicely. The weather has been bit wet so we decided to spend more time inside. We had a story time with Miss.Jess this morning and read ‘’that’s not my puppy with everyone. Daris and Bella had so much fun looking for the familiar pictures to practice some words. ‘Ball, Bird, Yellow, Ducky and Puppy’ are some of the words that we heard during the story time. Oskar loves the home corner and he loves to pretend cooking with Miss.Hansani. Forrest and Loki enjoyed pushing the trains on the train tracks while Austin and Zeppelin play with Waynes.

Then Miss.Jess and Miss.Hansani made a tray with wrapped soft blocks using foil. We encouraged children to unwrap the foil slowly and find the block inside and practice the colour of each block. Loki, Bella, Oskar and Dari absolutely enjoyed unwrapping them all while Austin, Forrest and Zeppelin enjoyed touching them to feel the texture and hear the sound they make when we touch it. As the sun came out a bit we headed to the small yard. Everyone got so excited to explore the outdoor yard and engaged with Obstacle courses, did some climbing, played with the balls and so much fun doing some dancing to the music.

Bella and Daris had a play day in babies three room before the lunch time as their first transitioning day. Bella and Daris walked to babies three together settled well as they felt comfortable and safe with their new friends and educators. Also, they enjoyed doing an artwork with Miss.Mel and their friends. Well done Daris and Bella. We hope you will have so much fun during the next transition days to help you to move to your new room end of this month.

It has been such an amazing day.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess