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Good afternoon families!!

Welcome to babies two♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Forrest, Indiana, Oskar and Braxton with lots of cuddles. We stayed combined for a bit with babies three friends exploring indoor experiences together. While we were inside children enjoyed playing with cars in the city mat, throwing the purple light ball to each other, playing with our colourful turtle and cooking some food in the home corner. Indiana loved playing with the yellow little car in the city mat and parking the car in the car park. Oskar and Forrest played together with the colourful turtle, they had turns to press the different shapes of buttons. Our friend Braxton just arrived to join us for the delicious morning tea. For morning tea, we enjoyed coconut strawberry delight

For the group time we played songs related to dental health such as ‘’this is the way we brush our teeth, Brush and floss , Healthy teeth’’. Oskar, Indiana, Forrest and Braxton had so much fun dancing together. They would laugh at each other and run around the room dancing. Today we combined with our friends from babies 3 to do an amazing experience about the Dental week.  Inside Miss Tatiane and Miss Otavia did an activity about ‘’how to brush our teeth’’!  We had a lot of big dentures, toothbrushes and tools for pretend play as a dentist. Miss Tatiane made dentures looks dirty and encouraged children to clean it with toothbrushes!! They all loved the experience as this was a new experience for the babies rooms! Oskar loved the tools and he tried to guess how to use them. Indiana enjoyed playing with the toothbrushes and she brush all the dentures teeth!  Braxton was really interested in the way we cleaned the dirty dentures! He observed first and then he got the confident to do it by himself!  Forrest absolutely enjoyed watching the way the dentures open and close, he enjoyed brush the teeth as well! This experience gave children such a great opportunity to have a close look of the dentures and engage with a meaningful pretend play.

Outside Forrest enjoyed playing in the sandpit building castle! Forrest was wearing shoes and he wanted to take off the shoes. Once we took off his shoes he could feel sand and smiled saying ‘’sand…sand..’’ as he enjoyed feeling the texture of the sand on his feet. He also loved to go around with the red wheelbarrow.   Indiana enjoyed playing in the sandpit with her friends from babies3. She loved riding a bicycle around the big yard by herself.

Oskar loved to play with the sensory bottles and shake them. Miss Lauren blowed some bubbles and Oskar had so much fun running around  to pop them!. Braxton liked to play with the trucks in the sandpit and building a big mountain of sand. He loved bubbles, and he shared a good time with his friends outside. For Group time we extended the dental health experience.  We all sat in a big circle on the floor and Miss Otavia and Miss Lauren explained to us how to take care of our teeth, why it is important to brush our teeth every day and how to brush! They all enjoyed. For lunch we enjoyed wholesome shepherds pie bites with cauliflower mash. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying scroggin trail mix. In the afternoon we will be enjoying some outdoor free experiences and then we will be engaging with some indoor free experiences

For one-on-one time we engaged with practicing our fine motor skills. For this we provided for the children maze puzzles, stacking turtle cups and stacking rings. We practiced stacking turtles and counting rings.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane♥