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Good afternoon families!!

What a wonderful start to Tuesday it has been. We had welcomed Daris, Braxton, Oskar, Olive, Parker, Loki, Bella-Rose, and Austin who is new to Riversdale. We would love to give Austin a warm welcome to babies 2, we are excited to share fun memories with you Austin! We started the day off with lots of cuddles and exploring the books, cars, soft blocks, and animals. While waiting for everyone to arrive we started singing song with our friends such as old Mac Donald had a farm, wheels on the bus, Incy, Wincy spider and ABC. We loved singing songs together this encouraged everyone to communicate with one another. It was then time to wash our hands and sit nicely at the table where Miss Tatian had read everyone a book which was That’s Not My Puppy which is everyone favorite.

Miss Jess ten had some helpers to help collect some sand, bark and leaves for our nature activity. Daris helped collect the bark, Bella-Rose helped collect the sand and Parker help collect the leaves from the tree. Afterwards it was time to adventure outside and explore the yard. A wonderful obstacle course was setup, we had slid down the slide and played with the 3D shapes. This was lots of fun! Miss Tatian had some bubbles which we loved trying to pop. While some of us were exploring the yard Miss Jess had pairs inside the room completing the nature activity. It was wonderful to see all our friends take the materials from the buckets and place then onto the green paper. Daris and Parker got their hands a little sticky from the glue. Bella-Rose enjoyed playing with the sand on the paper, and Loki loved placing the leaves onto the paper. Braxton also enjoyed feeling the different texture as he rubbed then against the table. Olive arrived just in time to complete the artwork which she had a big smile on her face while completing it. Today has been a fun filled day for all our friends in babies two. We have made our two new recent friends of babies two have a warm welcome which has been wonderful to see.

We would like to remind parents of packing warm clothes in the children’s bags as it is started to get cool in the afternoons. We would also love for parents to pack shoes as we would love to encourage children to wear shoes when outside as they understand shoes need to be wear in the outside environment. One last reminder for parents on Friday 16th April this there is a puppet show being held for children attending the Centre on Friday. This will be babies 2 first incursion to attend. If you would like your child to attend, please fill out the permission form and give back to either Miss Hansani or Miss Jess. If you would like your child not to attend, please also let either educator know. We’ve excited about the show and hope you are too!

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Tatian xoxo 💕