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hello all the families

welcome to babies two room for this beautiful Wednesday. Miss Kate and Miss Jordan welcomed our babies in the morning and enjoyed lot of activities during the day.

All the children could play together in the babies one play yard as usual. Finley and Elliana have been choosing to play in the sand pit with the other friends.  They enjoyed digging the sand pit using a shovel and throw sand into the grass. Max and Jackson have been choosing to play with the push cows as they love to push them all around the yard. Jackson loved the nice weather too. He has been choosing to lay down and enjoy the sunshine in a corner of the play yard.

After the morning play session, we came to our room and had our morning tea. Elliana and Finley have been choosing to play outside while the other friends were sleeping after morning tea. Finley was very interested to play on the obstacle courses. Finley has good balancing skills as he can walk through the obstacle course. Finley put his feet in the middle of the squares carefully and he use his hands to get some energy to continue walk through the obstacle course. Elliana was interested to ride the police car around the yard. she is able to sit on the car and push it by herself.

We enjoyed doing some arts and crafts outside too. We scratched some coloured scratch papers using stones instead of sticks. Children love it as they can see different colours through the scratches.

In the afternoon, we read some books together and sang some songs with Miss Hansani and Miss Jordan.

It has been a nice Wednesday

Looking forward for tomorrow….