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Good afternoon lovely families…

Today we welcomed Loki, Olivia, Olive, Daris, Parker, Bella-Rose, and Winston to babies 2 room. What a wonderful morning it has been, seeing everyone dressed in green.  When everyone had arrived, they had seen some balloons with confetti and glitter inside, also had seen some wonderful string confetti which everyone loved!  And we also set up the room with lots of green stuff. Children loved the colour combination and they got so excited to go through all the resources we set up. We ended up making a big mess in the room, but it was absolutely fun and exciting environment. Today we celebrated the St Patrick day and introduced this new experience to children with green colour resources and sensory experiences. We played St Patrick day songs in the background and did lots of dancing. St Patrick Day ‘’Baby Shark’’ was the favourite song for today.

Then it was time to engage with a group experience. We made a sensory tray with green coloured rice and pasta and some shredded papers. They absolutely love to touch the rice and pasta and feel the texture. They loved to run their fingers through and roll the pasta on the table. Then we created a beautiful artwork for Miss.Kylie’s Birthday. We created a beach on a canvas using sand, seashells and blue paint. Then we with another fun experience which was making a playdough using flour, Oil, water and colouring. Miss.Jess made it on the table for our babies and we all played with this freshly made playdough. It was so much fun and perfect to develop our fine motor skills.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess