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Jingeri families,

The sweltering heat outside has meant that we have retreated to the cool calm of our comfortable little room today. Ruby, Finley, Cameron, Elliana, Jackson, Tai and Skyla joined Miss Hansani and I for another day of group fun.

We did venture outside for a while, but we did not last as long as usual. The temperate climate of our indoor learning space was irresistible in today’s heat. The children all gravitated towards the vehicles on our road mat, moving them along the ground with accompanying noises. Cameron is also enjoying rolling the balls across the room, exclaiming success with every roll.  Finley found the dinosaurs again today, and took them on a romp around the room. Ruby is still most interested in the books, often asking to read along with us.

Skyla has settled in excellently, and is looking around the room to explore. She spins on her tummy to discover the new toys around her, and watches all her new friends closely to see what they are up to. Tai had a blast with the hula-hoop today, while Jackson found an old friend in the push-cows. Elliana has also had a great day, using the coloured blocks make all sorts of sounds. She is beginning to feel more comfortable with her friends, and she is enjoying her mealtimes very much as they all sit together to talk.

I look forward to tomorrow.