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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed parker, Daris, Bella and Olivia in the morning. today we decided to do lots of painting and outdoor play. So after enjoying yummy morning tea, we enjoyed exploring some indoor activities such as play in the home corner, shake the sensory bottles and observe them, stack the soft blocks and look at the mirrors and make different facial expressions. It was so much fun.

Then we brought some recycling egg cartons to a beautiful painting. We cut the egg cartons and used the bottom circle part to dip in the paint and create a beautiful artwork. Parker, Olivia and Bella sat together around the table and nicely engaged with the artwork. When we say ‘’Let’s do some painting’’ Olivia got so excited and gave me the biggest smile saying ‘’yesss’’. Bella was so happy to see the final results of her work and share her happiness with her friends and educators saying ‘’look look’’. Olivia engaged with some other paintings too such as painting using play dough shapes and recycling card boards. She really enjoyed her time doing lots of art work today. Daris was so excited to see all the painting we set up on the table for him after his nap time. He happily engaged with the egg carton painting, play dough shapes art work, finger painting and recycling card board painting.  Then  we went outside and explored the outdoor yard and enjoyed riding bicycles, sliding on the slide, walk on the bridge and push the trucks.we would also like parents to bring in a family photo for our family tree in the room. This gives the children a sense of belonging to which is important part for all children’s lives.

Have a good afternoon!

Much love Miss.Hansani , Miss. Jess