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Good afternoon lovely families,

We would like to welcome everyone back from the public holiday that occurred yesterday for Australia Day. We hope everyone was safe and having a wonderful time with friends and family. Today we welcomed a new friend to Babies 2 which is Loki. Loki had a wonderful morning play with Parker, Daris and Bella-Rose. It was amazing to see everyone interact and make Loki feel comfortable and welcomed into the room.

This morning we all enjoyed sitting at the table and using a spoon to eat some yummy yoghurt and fruit. We all got a little messy as we are still learning to use a spoon, but we will get there.  After having our delicious food, it was time to explore the room for a little. Loki Bella-Rose and Parker all enjoyed the sensory bottles. They all enjoyed shaking and looking inside the bottles and handing them to each other. Today while inside Daris was interested in the dinosaurs and wanted to show them all to his friends.

After exploring the room, it was time to adventure outside and see what Miss Hansani had setup for everyone. we had some colourful pasta to play with. The pasta was red and blue just like the Australian flag. The children loved feeling the pasta between their hands and the texture of the pasta was a new consistency for them to feel. While exploring outside Miss Hansani also had a bubble machine for everyone to enjoy. We all tried t catch the bubbles and squish them but the popped before we could do so. There were lots of giggles and laughter while playing with bubbles.

After having a little adventure outside it was time to do some painting inside. Miss Hansani had some balloons dipped in yellow and green paint. It was lots of fun dabbing the onto the white paper. We all loved the painting activity as it allowed us to express our feeling onto paper and use our hand eye coordination. Then once finishing the painting it was time for some delicious lunch which was summery spaghetti and chicken meatballs. we practiced again using our forks.

This afternoon we will be staying inside as its too hot to go outside. We would also like to remind families that you are welcome to come into the rooms now when dropping and picking up. Have a wonderful afternoon to our fantastic families.

Much love from Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xx 😊