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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two… Today we welcomed Olive, Bella, Daris, Braxton, Austin, Loki, Winston and Oskar this morning. We explored the little babies yard in the morning watching the horses over the fence. Oskar, Loki and Daris absolutely loved the climbing frames that we set up in the yard. They slowly walked on the balancing beam and climbed on the frame until they reach the end. Then we headed to the big yard as it started to get busy. In the big yard, Loki, Bella and Winston enjoyed push the trucks and prams around the yard waving to the people at the car park. We also enjoyed playing with soft blocks and hula-hoops.

After enjoying the morning tea, we engaged with doing our Mother’s Day crafts as it’s coming up soon. Then we headed back to the outdoor yard again to engage with a group experience. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess brought a bowl outside with milk and colouring in it. also, we provided some cotton tips dipped in the dish soap. So, we encouraged children to watch the way we dip the cotton tips and they got so excited seeing the colours move away from the cotton tips that we dipped in dish soap. We gave every child an opportunity to experience this activity individually. Then our babies joined with babies three friends to grow some sunflower seeds in cotton. They loved to hide the seeds inside the cotton and pour some water.

This afternoon we will be engaging with more outdoor experiences…

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess