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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for this beautiful Wednesday. Miss. Thais and Miss. Jordan welcomed all the babies in the morning. Children have been busy with lot activities during the day.

We started day playing outside in the morning. Finley, Max and Elliana enjoyed playing with their friends from next doors. Elliana was overly excited with climbing on chairs, fence and the tables carefully. Finley, Elliana and Charlie had a good time reading books while sitting around the table. Max was very excited to the toddlers playing in the big yard, so I decided to bring them into the big play yard in the afternoon.

After the busy play, we washed our hands, dried them and got ready for the morning tea. We had lot of fruits to get some energy and drank lot of water to keep hydrate our body. After morning tea, children have been choosing to play inside. They chose different things to play. Finley was interested to play the drums while Elliana was playing with the soft blocks. Max was busy with throwing and picking up a ball around the room. We kept playing inside until lunch. Finley helped me to put all the toys into the basket to get ready for the lunch. Finley you demonstrated your listening skills and ability to follow the instructions.

After enjoying lunch, some of our friends went to sleep. Max Engaged with doing some nice Mother’s Day crafts while his friends are sleeping. He was extremely excited to play with all the trucks in the traffic junction. Max had a good time reading books with Miss. Hansani.

Finley and Elliana also engaged with doing some Mother’s Day crafts after sleep. They demonstrated their fine motor skills to complete the crafts nicely.

children have been choosing to play outside in the afternoon. We engaged in a nice water play outside. Children washed their toys and put under sunlight to dry them all. They enjoyed splashing water around. And, we had a time to play in the toddler yard today. It was a nice opportunity to demonstrate and develop children’s gross motor skills.

It has been an amazing day…

have a lovely afternoon….